Welcome to the Hardwood Genomics Project

This project, entitled “Comparative genomics of environmental stress responses in North American hardwoods”, is creating genomic resources for an array of the eight most economically and phylogenetically important hardwood species in North America. This includes EST databases for 6 species, BAC libraries for 2 species, framework genetic maps for 3 species, and high density QTL maps for 2 species. Funded by the National Science Foundation’s Plant Genome Research Program, this multi-institutional award is being lead by Dr. John Carlson from Pennsylvania State University in collaboration with scientists at six additional Universities to meet research and outreach goals. Data produced by the project is being made available to others as quickly as it can be checked and validated. Announcements of new data and links to download/explore this data will be available on this site. Species and resources being studied: This site will also integrate existing resources from other hardwood tree species. These species include: