Jing Yang, Hafiz Muhammad Wariss, Lidan Tao, Rengang Zhang, Quanzheng Yun, Peter Hollingsworth, Zhiling Dao, Guifen Luo, Huijun Guo, Yongpeng Ma, Weibang Sun, De novo genome assembly of the endangered Acer yangbiense, a plant species with extremely small populations endemic to Yunnan Province, China, GigaScience, Volume 8, Issue 7, July 2019, giz085,
Acer yangbiense - Reference Genome
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Genome Assembly
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Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - 16:16
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SMARTdenovo was used to assemble this organism's genome, along with Canu for trimming and correcting. The final assembled genome size was 666 Mb across 880 contigs with an n50 of 2.3 Mb. The draft assembly was polished using Pilon v1.22 based on the high-quality Illumina sequencing reads and then piped into the Hi-C assembly workflow. The clean Hi-C reads were mapped to the draft assembly with Juicer, and then a candidate chromosome-length assembly was generated automatically using the 3d-DNA pipeline to correct mis-joins, order, orient, and anchor contigs from the draft assembly.


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