Common NameSugar Maple
AbbreviationA. saccharum
Other Common Names: rock maple, hard maple
Order: Sapindales
Family: Aceraceae
Chromosome Number: 2n=26

Biomaterial Browser
The following browser provides a list of biomaterials associated with this organism.
Biomaterial NameTissueTreatment
SMWND3Lleaf3 hours after hole punch wounding
SMHEAT4Ppetioleheat (40C) 4 hours
SMHEAT24Lleafheat (40C) 24 hours
SMDRHT7DPpetioledrought (<1.0mpa) 7 days
SMDRHT32DPpetioledrought (<1.0mpa) 32 days
SMCTRLBRrootnone (control 2)
SMCTRLBPpetiolenone (control 2)
SMCTRLARrootnone (control 1)
SMCTRLAPpetiolenone (control 1)
SMCOLD24Lleaf24 hours cold (4C)


Below is a list of transcriptomes available for Acer saccharum. Click the transcriptome name for further details.
Transcriptome NameAnalysis NameProgramDate ConstructedStats
Acer saccharum 022416 (CURRENT)de novo Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum)Trinity, built under bowtie-1.0.1 and samtools-0.1.19; CD-HIT-EST2016-02-24Contigs: 117861
Acer saccharum 010515 (ARCHIVED)de novo Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) - 010515Trinity, built under bowtie-1.0.1 and samtools-1.1; CD-HIT-EST2015-01-05Contigs: 128406
Predicted SSRs (genomic)
Publication: Staton M, Best T, Khodwekar S, Owusu S, Xu T, Xu Y, Jennings T, Cronn R, Arumuganathan AK, Coggeshall M, Gailing O. Preliminary Genomic Characterization of Ten Hardwood Tree Species from Multiplexed Low Coverage Whole Genome Sequencing. PloS one. 2015 Dec 23;10(12):e0145031.

In order to develop SSR resources for ten important North American hardwood tree species, we individually barcoded and multiplex sequenced DNA from ten hardwood forest tree species using short reads produced from an Illumina HiSeq. Raw reads can be downloaded from the NCBI short read archive, project SRP021923. Bioinformatic processing included trimming, assembly, SSR identification and primer design, processing details including scripts are available. Statistics (combination of two sequenced libraries):
Untrimmed Pairs 6,125,961
Untrimmed Bases 1,237,444,122
Reconstructed Fragments 675,883
Reconstructed Fragments - Bases 102,639,483
Dinucleotide repeats with primers 708
Trinucleotide repeats with primers 159
Tetranucleotide repeats with primers 24
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Polymorphic SSRs
A subset of the above predicted SSRs have been screened for polymorphism and published in a population diversity study:

Khodwekar S, Staton M, Coggeshall MV, Carlson JE, Gailing O. Nuclear microsatellite markers for population genetic studies in sugar maple (Acer saccharum Marsh.). Annals of Forest Research. 2015 Apr 15;58(2):193-204.